And the Winner Is…

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John’s newest and brightest and dearest project, co-curated with Matthew Callinan, is currently running at Haverford College.  And the Winner Is… The show and tournament opened March 16th, the final rounds play on April 20th.  Visiting artists include: Hank Willis Thomas, Ted Purves, Sal Randolph, Shaun El C. Leonardo, Jong Kyu, and Lee Walton.  Other guests: Julie Wyman & Cheryl Haworth.

Haverford College and PAFA students Remodel the Rancher

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On October 6th students from Haverford College (HC) and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) collaborated to remodel the Dufala Brothers’ Chainlink Rancher, one of may works in their Cantor Fitzgerald Exhibition Problemy.

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Imaginative Feats undone and done

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John, Matthew, and Hazel packed and erased the exhibition.

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