meeting at Slought

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On February 16th John met with Aaron Levy, Megan Schmidgal, and Lee Dunsmore at The Slought Foundation to discuss possible projects that would reveal and frame prior uses of the building at 4017 Walnut Street.

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deep and superficial storage

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Equipment from the Aldrich exhibition, Sleeping Under Stars, Living Under Satellites, arrived in San Francisco last week, and so yesterday we took this gear to our Vallejo storage unit in a Zip truck.  Thinking about storage, George S. Kingsley’s Atlas Storage, the ubiquity of “stuff,” and the obsolescence and allure of artworks that depend on dead and dying tech—we unpacked and repacked our stuff. Read More >

George S. Kingsley, Architect

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Because we would like to develop a work for the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia someday, we’ve become very interested in the building that houses it and the architect of said building:

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