Reboot of Imaginative Feats goes live Thursday, December 10th, 9pm

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Haverford artists Dylan Ravenfox, Sam Kaplan & Goda Trakumaite, Robin Riskin, and Jane Holloway and Bryn Mawr artist Samantha Salazar have created short video works for the installation apparatuses that make up Imaginative Feats Literally Presented.  They broke it.  Let them fix it.

At the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery beginning at 9pm on Thursday, December 10th, each of these pieces will be publicly presented, partied, and chatted up and down.

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Looking at rough-cuts for the exhibition reboot

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Last night John along with Sam Kaplan, Goda Trakumaite, Dylan Ravenfox, and Scott Muller looked at some of the students’ media for the quasi-open-source project.

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Installation shots of Imaginative Feats

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Here are a few installation shots of Imaginative Feats Literally Presented: Three Fables for Video Projection by Lisa Boughter.

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English House Gazette review of Imaginative Feats

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Mara Miller, a Senior at Haverford, writes eloquently here about our exhibition at Cantor Fitzgerald.  We want to elaborate on one of her points.

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Rebooting Imaginative Feats, an extra-and-no-curricular, quasi-open-source project

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We will make the three armatures that drive Imaginative Feats available to Haverford College students and others in the community.  What will they do with them?

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Imaginative Feats Literally Presented / Three Fables for Video Projection: Guarded, Flat Land, Lost

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Artists Jeanne C. Finley and John Muse explore the visual culture of America’s contemporary wars through three video works that will be exhibited in Haverford College’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, October 23-December 11, 2009.

Imaginative Feats Literally Presented/Three Fables for Projection: Guarded, Flat Land, Lost peer through the imaginative gloss of words, photographs, and video images Americans use to prepare themselves for the wars on terror and in Iraq, presenting the lives of those who participate—either willingly or not.

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