Which Man Runs, Which Man Sits Still at Home?

Video5 Minute Video TRT - 10:00,  Color. Directed by Jeanne C. Finley, Produced by Dunja Blazevic at T.V. Belgrade.

Which Man Runs,  Which Man Sits Still at Home? was produced by Dunja Blazevic at T.V. Belgrade as a segment in the monthly cultural program, T.V. Galleria. Taking a quote from one of Yugoslavia foremost writers, Ivo Andric as its centralizing theme ( "Even so, none of this could remove or protect them from the events, which like fire or the plague overtook alike the man who ran from them and the man who sat still at home." from the Bosnian Story) Which Man Runs? combines disparate images from Yugoslavia and its neighboring countries with segments of narration to evoke a social landscape in revolt.  Set in an arena that for centuries has been the violent border between east and west, this tape places personal concerns in the midst of social tensions, in this case suggesting that as history careens forward there is no calm shelter.