So, You Want to be Popular?

VideoTRT-18:30, Color, Mono, NTSC. Written Edited and Directed by Jeanne C. Finley, Camera: Jules Backus.
San Francisco Cinematheque
Videonale, Bonn
Pacific Film Archive
Through the memory of a high-school classmate, footage from a film for teenagers entitled, Be Popular!, a video dating tape, and performances by recent political and entertainment characters, So, You Want to be Popular? investigates how cultural structures determine an individual sense of acceptance and self-worth. 

The camera wanders through an old and abandoned high school while a man recounts his sad, yet humorous memories of someone he knew -- someone who he was fond of despite the fact that he was very unpopular.  Inter-cut between this reverie is information provided by a sociometric study comparing the personality traits of popular and unpopular children. 

So, You Want to be Popular? suggests that the need for acceptance and popularity which is so blatant in the teenage years is carried into adult life in a variety of guises...and specific historical/political events demonstrate a variety of ways this need manifests itself.