Risks of Individual Actions

VideoMedia Installation11:50 minute Videotape & Installation with 2 slide projectors and 1 video projection. Directed by Jeanne C. Finley.
Oakland Museum
Pacific Film Archive
Australian Video Festival
Video Free America
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
The Kitchen
World Wide Video Festival, The Netherlands
Videonale, Bonn
Visual Studies Workshop
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
Risks of Individual Actions is based on the findings of the medical team I.S. Cohen and B.L. Lee who have determined how much life expectancy is lost due to various actions (a calorie-rich dessert results in 50 minutes off your life expectancy whereas being an unmarried male cuts your life expectancy by almost 10 years).  The clinical data is intertwined with an interview about the process of grief with personal loss while the dissolving slides move the viewer from room to room of dark and oppressive house.