Nomads at the 25 Door

VideoDirector, Camera, Editor:  Jeanne C. Finley, Assistant Director: John Muse, Original Music: Kevin Deal, Sound Design:  Jim Mckee,
Line Producer:  Dunja Blazevis.
Medien Operative, Berlin Film and Video Festival, Germany, 1992
Atlanta Film and Video Festiva—BEST DOCUMENTARY, 1992
Cinematheque, San Francisco, 1992
San Francisco Film Festival—HONORABLE MENTION AWARD, 1992
90’S Broadcast, Denver & Los Angeles, 1992
KQED Broadcast, 1992

Nomads at the 25 Door explores memory’s construction of an ephemeral homeland when a concrete one is lost, stolen, or left behind. The tape is constructed in three chapters structured around a series of interviews between the video maker and Mickey Yates, a 22 year old woman serving a double life sentence in the Nevada Woman’s Correctional Institution for the murder of her mother.

Evocative visual imagery and sound interweave throughout these three chapters, establishing relationships between the unique narratives. The resonance created between the narratives serves as an illusive document to the shifts in power between the individual and their family, between the government and its people, between the documented and the betrayed, between our hopes for stability of home and the fragility of our memory.