Loss Prevention

VideoTRT-  17:00. Directed, Filmed and Edited by Jeanne C. Finley & Doug DuBois in collaboration with John H. Muse. Music and Sound Design by Luke Dubois of the Freight Elevator Quartet.

Drama Queens, Guggenheim Museum
New York Video Festival
Women in the Director’s Chair Festival
San Francisco Independent Film Festival – Audience Award for Best Short Film
Dallas Video Festival
Art in Motion (AIM) festival, Los Angeles
Flickerfest, Australian International Short Film Festival
Cinematheque, San Francisco

Museum of Modern Art, May 2010

Loss Prevention combines documentary and fictional elements to tell the story of Irene, who was arrested at the age of 79 for stealing a bottle of aspirin from a Miami Wal-Mart and sentenced to ten weeks of Senior Citizen Shoplifting Prevention School. Narrated through the voice of her daughter, this film explores the alienation of aging and the evolving relationship between a daughter and an elderly mother. The visual material combines the lush Florida landscape with intimate super-8 footage to create a subtle meditation on the conflicts of parent and child, boredom and pleasure, accident and intention, authority and subterfuge.

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