I Saw Jesus in a Tortilla

VideoMedia InstallationTRT-3:30, B&W, Mono, NTSC
Pacific Film Archive
Oakland Museum
La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
The Kitchen
Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco International Film Festival
WYNC-TV New York
WGBH-TV Boston
San Francisco Art Institute
Video Culture Canada
Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art
I Saw Jesus in a Tortilla is both comprised entirely from dissolving still photographs and a simple narrative story line taken verbatim from a newspaper article in the The Arizona Daily Star.  It recounts the story of Ramona Barraras, a New Mexican woman, who saw the face of Jesus while rolling her husbands burrito.  In an attempt to manipulate the media to her advantage in publicizing this miraculous event, the media ultimately exploited one of the most significant events of Mrs. Barraras’ life.