Field Guide: Markus Baenziger, curated by John Muse

Haverford College, Haverford PA, September 2nd - October 7th
"Highlighted in [this] exhibition... is the fresh perspective of a Swiss-born artist from Brooklyn new to Haverford's faculty. The intensity of focus and feeling in his work is strong, and the images become key elements in the tale this show tells, often capturing a sad, resonant—and occasionally high-spirited—beauty." —Victoria Donohoe

Using plastic resins, found objects, and various casting and carving techniques, artist Markus Baenziger invents floridly beautiful flora that often merge with or emerge from technological debris. Field Guide, Baenziger's first exhibition at Haverford College, maps his ecologies of cultured waste and natural hybridity, inviting viewers to reconsider the troubles and wonders of our contemporary landscape.

Curated by John Muse

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