Common Mistakes

VideoMedia InstallationTRT-13:40, Stereo, Color, NTSC. Written, Directed and Edited by Jeanne C. Finley, Camera:  Jules Backus, Narration:  Beatrice M. Finley

Common Mistakes uses the four synonyms of the word mistake (fallacy, error, accident, and blunder) to present a sample of widely held "truths" that have later proven to be misconceptions.  The mistakes are illustrated with documentary before and after photographs, diagrams, and video footage, and prefaced with a clip from a children's educational film on how to prevent accidents.  Inter-cut between each mistake a silhouetted figure gives a brief monologue on the manner in which these broad social errors affected their individual lives.  This contrast suggests both compliance and victimization of the individual in relation to issues such as racism, environmental pollution, and imperialism.