Book Report

VideoMedia Installation

single channel video installation and film

True/False Film Festival (Mar 2017) Columbia, MO

Aesthetica Short Film Festival (Nov 2017) York, United Kingdom
Inspired by Ideas : Film night (Nov 2017) Makerversity, London
Other Cinema: New Experimental Works (Dec 2017) San Francisco, CA 
Bucharest Short Film Festival (Dec 2017) Bucharest, Romania
Borderline Art Collective (May 2018) San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (July 2018)
SFMoMA (Nov 2020)

Book Report explores sexual assault, the weaponization of language, and the futility of escape.  It combines short sequences of Mad Men's Don Draper reading books and relevant facts about the 2016 presidential campaign—including a history of the hashtag #trumpbookreport and notes on a payment to the mysteriously named “Draper Sterling” ad agency. A choral voice-over, drawn from the infamous Access Hollywood transcript, revises the misogynist “locker room talk,” turning it against the original speaker. In the Mad Men sequences, Draper’s reading is always interrupted, as though his efforts to be elsewhere are doomed. Mysterious, specimen-like images intervene in the scenes of reading, providing both commentary and a vivid index of Draper’s immersion. The text and voiceover create a tense counterpoint: Draper reads and viewers are invited to read over his shoulder, but with little patience for literature, facts, or civility.