visiting the Falsework and the Falsework cache

visiting the Falsework and the Falsework cache

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On Thursday Jeanne and I visited the Presidio Pet Cemetery, the remaining falsework (the protective cover over the cemetery), and the Falsework geocache


View of Doyle Drive, the pet cemetery, and the protective cover from near the cache location

We last checked in on the cache in January of 2015.  Here are the new pages in the log, which represent dozens of new visitors from many countries, including Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Holland, and Canada.  Note the stamps: jameswatt, Luco235, A-Team, Trebbi ErikSi, Huzsarpet Köszi!  Interestingly and amazingly, as of today, ErikSi has logged 14,080 caches and 21,777 trackables.  Expert cacher!