fantastic log entry for the Falsework cache

fantastic log entry for the Falsework cache

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The Falsework cache sports a new log entry, one of the best in many months:

Falsework (GC4T5BR) on your watchlist has a new log:

Logged by: Dwyers5
Log Type: Found it
Date: 5/18/2015
Location: California, United States
Type: Traditional Cache

In town from San Diego for the Next Generation Protein Therapeutics Summit. My friend from Ohio also flew in and we took a cab from the Haight to this cache.

Cabbie: “Where?”
Us: “Presidio Pet Cemetery.”
Cabbie: “Are you kidding me?”
Us: “We couldn’t be more serious.”
After traveling to the area. Cabbie (shocked): “It’s a cemetery…”
Us: “How about that.”
Cabbie: “It’s kinda creepy here.”
Us: “That’s how we roll…”

Found the cache, took a trackable. Fav point here because it’s a cemetery. I loved everything about this place… thanks for bringing us here!