Laurie Wigham visits the falsework

Laurie Wigham visits the falsework

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Laurie, who designed the catalog for Temporary Structure and hosted the SF Sketchers rally, visited the Presidio falsework last week and sent the following report and pictures:

I was passing through the Presidio yesterday and stopped to take a few photos and chat with a man in a hard hat. The new freeway ramp is nearly done and they’re planning to take down the last of the Pet Cemetery falsework in June. Should we do something to celebrate the re-emergence of the Pet Cemetery?

Yes we should!  Another drawing rally, perhaps on the day the cover is dismantled.  She wrote again:

The hard hat guy [on the crane] told me that the freeway way basically done, but that they had had to construct an extra cantilevered lane on one section to accommodate extra traffic while the other one was being built, and that they were now removing the extra lane. When that was done they would be able to take down the falsework over the pet cemetery.

But something that puzzled me was that there appears to be no roof covering the top of the cemetery—just a lot of uprights. So maybe they’re protecting it from large pieces but not worried about small debris?

Here are the pictures:

It appears to me that they’re not protecting it from anything at the moment, neither from the construction itself nor from falling debris.  The massive protective structure, which was designed to distribute the load of the road construction above it, i.e., to support the falsework, will come down last.  Perhaps in June.  And yes, we will shoot what will be a second “crane ballet,” to quote John Waters!