log entry for Nory

log entry for Nory

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Another rich log entry, this one for the Nory travel bug:

We would so have loved to take Nory to the Presidio Pet Cemetery. We have two little dogs, Saucy and Copper, and a little chicken, Wilbur, all buried at the cemetery. They have laid in rest there for 25+ years and we would have loved to visit them, too. The cemetery is currently not accessible due to the massive road construction and it was in pretty bad disrepair the last time we were there (maybe 10 years ago?) Anyway, Nory got to drive by the cemetery today and we will take her on a little trip south with us. Thank you very much for sharing her story!

Only our second contact with someone who has a pet buried in the pet cemetery.  We never imagined that a geocacher might be so closely connected.