SF Sketchers Falsework Meet-Up drawings

SF Sketchers Falsework Meet-Up drawings

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Here are some of the drawings from the March 8th SF Sketchers Meet-Up event.  We handed out sections of the Falsework plans, which engineer John Walters had sent us via pdf.  Laurie Wigham also “adjusted” some, removing the schematics and leaving the borders and data.  Many of the artists used these pages, often incorporating existing lines and texts into their drawings.  See for example the water colors of Karen Bash, the pen & ink drawing of Liz Scotta, and the non-photo blue pencil and ink drawing of Meagan Smith.

More drawings and a lively discussion can be found at the meet-up photo page.

As the Presidio Parkway nears completion and the falsework comes down, we’ll host another meet-up.


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