Invitation Accepted and Visit Completed I

Invitation Accepted and Visit Completed I

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Apropos our work Imperfect City / Imperfect State for the exhibition imPERFECT City, we received the following email on June 5th, 2013 from Xiaochuan Cao:

Dear Artists,

I visited this memorial for Vicki on Route 9 near Reedy Point Bridge today (6/5/2013) at around 4:20pm. I’m attaching a photo I took. Thank you for creating this participatory art exhibit.

Xiaochuan Cao

Here’s the attached picture, the picture from Panoramio, and a picture of the invitation:

Note the differences between Xiaochuan Cao’s photograph, made on June 5th, 2013, and the one we made on February 24th: e.g., the addition of the word “everyday” under “Truely [sic] Missed” and the peeling note on the right-hand side. 12 years later.  Tended, not abandoned.

Note: Xiaochuan Cao gave us permission to share this email and picture here.