Invitation Accepted and Visit Completed II

Invitation Accepted and Visit Completed II

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Apropos our work Imperfect City / Imperfect State for the exhibition  imPERFECT City, we received the following email on April 21st from Wes:

Dear Jeanne and John:

Today after dinner at the Le Shio Asian Fusion Cuisine restaurant, my wife, Harriet, and I drove by the Memorial for Anonymous, 570 Barley Mill Rd, Wilmington, DE at
around 7:15 p.m. Unfortunately, the image taken is a bit blurred–we were not able
to slowdown sufficiently to get a better photograph and did not want to risk
having an accident. Nevertheless, the image is attached.

I might indicate, that I remember approximately when the accident occurred which took the life of the deceased person. The memorial wreath was put up within a few days and this took place several years before I retired in 1997 as a Research Fellow at the DuPont Experimental Station, which is just down the hill from where the deceased person met his unfortunate end.

Thanks for your decision to do the memorial project.

Very sincerely,

The brown and desiccated  wreath, which was replaced with a fresh one sometime between December 12th, when the Panoramio photograph was made, and January 11h, when we saw it again—this wreath has been tended for nearly 20 years and perhaps replaced every year.

The photographs below show the differences between the two wreaths, the layers and layers of wire used to secure them, and the narrowness of the shoulder, which is why Wes & Harriet couldn’t stop.  And we’ve included a card that John found at the site, near enough to the wreath that it might be relevant.  Ashley.  But it could just be a discarded Christmas card.