meeting at Slought

meeting at Slought

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On February 16th John met with Aaron Levy, Megan Schmidgal, and Lee Dunsmore at The Slought Foundation to discuss possible projects that would reveal and frame prior uses of the building at 4017 Walnut Street.

Our research into George S. Kingsley, the architect of 4017 Walnut, and a previous visit on July 2nd, 2010 prompted the invitation.  John, Lee, Aaron, and Megan discussed possible architectural and design interventions into the current configuration of Slought to reveal previous uses of the space: it was a storage facility, a restaurant, a bank, and likely a pharmacy before becoming a gallery.  Possible projects include:

  1. illuminating the crawlspace, currently capped with a steel door, and replacing the steel door with an plexiglass door so that the objects within could be seen.
  2. cleaning, restoring, and repainting the friezes that run the length of the space and then discretely lighting these.
  3. mounting the documents and photographs that Aaron found during renovation and construction in or behind the walls.
  4. creating an online repository for these and other historical documents.

Below are pictures taken during the July 2nd meeting with Aaron.