Haverford College and PAFA students Remodel the Rancher

Haverford College and PAFA students Remodel the Rancher

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On October 6th students from Haverford College (HC) and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA) collaborated to remodel the Dufala Brothers’ Chainlink Rancher, one of may works in their Cantor Fitzgerald Exhibition Problemy.

John Muse and Matthew Callinan coordinated the Rancher Remodel project.  Participating were Markus Baenziger‘s Drawing and Sculpture students from HC and PAFA students from Steven Dufala, Billy Blaise Dufala, and John Grieg’s Found Materials class.

The prompt: working in teams and using found and recyclable materials, transform an existing structure in 3 hours.

Here’s the original structure, the Chainlink Rancher by the Dufalas:

photo credit, Lisa Boughter

Chainlink Rancher; photo credit, Lisa Boughter

The procedure: three teams work on the rancher, rotating responsibilities every 50 minutes. Team one manages all materials and prefabricates elements for installation. Team two installs and transforms the Chainlink Rancher. Team three observes and records the work of the first two teams. After 50 minutes, the materials team becomes the observation team, the observation team becomes the install team, and the install team becomes the materials team. Each team will perform each role once. Each team will be assisted by a faculty foreman.

For a complete breakdown of the work and responsibilities download the pdf.

Here’s an edited intervalometer study of the collaboration: