brief mention in the New York Times

brief mention in the New York Times

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The regional edition of the New York Times carried a few paragraphs about our show at the Aldrich by Susan Hodara.

The relevant paragraphs:

Participation is pretty much the essence of Sleeping Under Stars, Living Under Satellites, which extends beyond the museum into Ridgefield. Created by Jeanne Finley and John Muse, it uses sculpture, video projection and geocaching, a GPS-guided treasure hunt, to contrast ways of experiencing time and location.

Inspired by local history, the artists have created three geocache routes. One is based on the life of Sarah Bishop, who lived in a cave in northern Ridgefield for decades after the Revolutionary War. The second route follows the Leatherman, a 19th-century vagrant who repeated a 365-mile circuit through Connecticut and New York every 34 days. The third covers the parade route taken this past Fourth of July to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Ridgefield’s founding.

Ms. Finley and Mr. Muse are activating bar-coded “travel bugs,” which geocachers must find and deliver to a replica of Ms. Bishop’s cave that they built inside the museum. Visitors with GPS devices or travel bugs will receive free admission to the museum through the exhibit’s run.

The full article covers the other exhibiting artists Jo Yarrington, Chad Kleitsch, and Tom Malloy, as well as Paying a Visit to Mary a show curated by the Aldrich’s curatorial fellow, Maxine Kopsa.