installation shots and video of final install

installation shots and video of final install

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The show at the Aldrich is up. We’re thrilled.  Here are a few shots of the install.


We set up the model in the far corner of the room, but it stayed there for only a few hours:

[media id=35]

By the next day the room was filled with equipment and experimental arrangements, much of which would disappear.  Here the parade route is on the wall, but as a smallish diptych; and the rotating platform used in Guarded poses as the ceiling-mounted rotator:
[media id=36]

By the 29th we’d set everything in place, for better and worst and best:

[media id=37]

We moved the ceiling-rotator built by Paul Swenbeck, which was originally designed for center placement, up against the wall.  This placement gives up larger images and jewel-like abstractions, more sun-spots and spilling flickers than images—which we adore.

[media id=38]


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