archived geocache listing

archived geocache listing

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As part of the show at the Aldrich, we placed a geocache in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation this morning.  This evening we found out that our cache had been archived rather than approved.  In other words, the reviewer of the cache listing disabled the cache.  Why?

Because the county park where we placed it permits no caches.  And so, geocaching is both off the grid—a way to play with satellites and with the grain of landscapes and secret locations—and fully on it, subject to restrictions and scrutinies.

Here’s what that looks like:

The reviewer writes:

Geocaching is not permitted in Ward Pond ridge county park. Other caches in the park, including an earlier Leatherman’s Cave cache were removed by the park and travel bugs were lost. Please remove your cache as soon as possible and lets hope the park doesn’t remove it and the travel bugs before you get the chance.

We’ll pick up the cache and bugs tomorrow.  And hunt for other hides.

For semi-public posterity, please find our original listing below:

In the late 1800s the Leatherman roamed Connecticut and New York, traveling a 365-mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers. Approximately every month he would repeat his journey, and he was so precise in his timing that people put out food for him and kept their schedules by his. The Leatherman wore a crudely stitched leather suit that weighed about sixty pounds. He would sleep outside year-round, mostly in caves. Periodically he slept in Sarah Bishop’s cave near Ridgefield Ct.

Here are some images to guide you.

A sign:

a sight along the way

A tree:

a sight along the way

Our gps taking the reading +/- 18ft:

our gps takes the reading +/- 18ft

A view from the cave entrance:

a view from the cave entrance

Visit Ward Pound Ridge Reservation and its Leatherman’s Loop trail.