“They broke it. Let them fix it. In order.”

“They broke it.  Let them fix it.  In order.”

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This is not your regular come-when-you-want-to art opening. There are multiple works to shuffle through multiple video-projection gadgets, and so there’s a method and an order to these things.

The first piece, a 5 disk everywhere-at-once work by Dylan Ravenfox will start promptly at 9pm. It will last until it no longer needs to last. Quick break and then a work by Goda Trakumaite & Sam Kaplan on one side of the gallery and a work by Robin Riskin on the other. Break. And then a two disk work by Jane Holloway. Break. And finally a 4 disk work by Samantha Salazar. If we’re careful and loving and moved, we should be done by 10:15pm. And then we can talk or fight.

But it is like your regular eat-the-free-food opening because there will be free food. And napkins!

Bring your cameras. Take plenty of pictures. Send us some.