Sam and Goda broke it. And they fixed it.

Sam and Goda broke it.  And they fixed it.

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Goda Trakumaite and Sam Kaplan worked with the Flat Land apparatus, and here is their break-fix.

Goda’s side of the screen features this clip:

Sam’s side of the screen features this one:

And in the space, it looked like this:

[media id=28]

About this work they write the following:

Our piece is an attempt to understand the communicative possibilities and limits of collocated still images.  Goda’s slide show constitutes an effort to establish for herself a sense of comfort in the gallery setting and to share that sense with the audience; Sam’s troubles such attempts to engage the audience with photographs, highlighting the contingency of photography by offering a set of images that are conceptually linked but in a non-apparent manner.

And Sam shares this about the new title, thinking/feeling photographs:

I’m not sure how I feel about the new titles; on the one hand, they set up this dichotomy that’s kind of stupid and that the videos don’t necessarily reflect completely.  On the other hand, I kind of like it.