Sleeping Under Stars, Living Under Satellites: Sarah Bishop’s Cave

<em>Sleeping Under Stars, Living Under Satellites: Sarah Bishop’s Cave</em>

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At openings we’re typically asked, “but what are you working on now?”  As though the “current” show were only ever an aperitif—no, that’s not right, an aperitif has its deliciousness, its place in the meal.  In this regard the current show is always over-and-out, a remnant that used to be what-we-are-working-on-now.  But there is something.

Now, we’re working on an exhibition for the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield CT.  We have a title, a lovely diorama (fabricated by Vanessa Marsh), a two channel intervalometer sequence of Ridgefield CT’s 300th anniversary parade (from deep in the morning to relatively late at night, with a smattering of parade dead center), a geocaching component, and two narrative sequences that combine accounts of the Leatherman and Sarah Bishop.  But there are a few video sequences to add: we will install a doubly articulated rotating video platform on the ceiling, one projector turning another on a fixed arm, like a moon orbiting a planet.

Here’s our shot list:

shot list