Looking at rough-cuts for the exhibition reboot

Looking at rough-cuts for the exhibition reboot

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Last night John along with Sam Kaplan, Goda Trakumaite, Dylan Ravenfox, and Scott Muller looked at some of the students’ media for the quasi-open-source project.

Sam and Goda previewed their work for the Flat Land apparatus: simultaneous slide shows.   One will use “bad” vernacular picts to provoke the question “why was this picture taken?”;  the other, sequences that compare domestic spaces, Soviet era monuments, and contemporary art installations.

The clip below shows one channel of a proposed 5 channel piece by Dylan that will present various animals, human and non-human, their techniques of representation, and their suffering and cruelty:

[media id=24]

On December 1st we’ll meet again to look at fine cuts.  On December 4th, a viewing party.

There are a few other projects in the works.  More details later.