the artblog on Imaginative Feats Literally Presented

the artblog on <em>Imaginative Feats Literally Presented</em>

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Any review that pairs us with Hollis Frampton will be lovely forever.

Andrea Kirsh of the artblog has written a review of Imaginative Feats Literally Presented.

Pull quotes:

Like all fables, theirs deal with big ideas: vulnerability, fear, family, safety, truth and fiction, control.  The three works read as chapters of the same story, all set in the present when America is at war.  The exhibition leaves visitors uncomfortable, but these are not bedtime stories and they are not addressed to children.


Finley and Muse’s compelling work offers no fixed, editorial point of view.  It carries no obvious message other than the reminder that if we choose to ignore the larger issues that surround us, that is a choice; we are responsible for our own stories of denial.