another reboot meeting

another reboot meeting

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On Monday John met with Jane and Matt to prepare for the reboot.

Matt talked about this clip, which he and David assembled from found materials for the single channel “station” of a larger word about love and loss.  It means to connote break-up worries and falling-apart:

[media id=25]

Jane is creating a work for the Flat Land apparatus that combines an animated gif, a few still photographs, and fragments of audio testimony that she helped gather this past summer in Guatemala.  The piece will foreground her experience of translating the statements of one woman, Luisa.  Jane writes:

Files 1-4: These are clips taken directly from Luisa’s testimony. She is describing the sound of a gun as she experienced it for the first time, “as if there were pumpkin seeds toasting.”





The two sides of the screen will feature an image of Louisa on the one side, and on the other an image that dramatizes the mediations that were necessary to register her testimony.


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