Trial of Harmony and Invention: Winter

Media Installation2 video projectors, 2 laser players and synch unit, disco ball, 4-channel audio
Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, 2001
Pittsburg Filmmakers Gallery, 2003
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 2003
Projected images of planes, butterflies, and altimeters reflecting off of a rotating disco ball, multiply and swirl across the walls. On the floor a large, slowly spinning projection—crashing waves, a public monument, a swimming girl—counters the rapid pace of the dozens of tiny wall images. The audio score combines 24 different performances of the “Winter” Concerto of Vivaldi’s “The Trial of Harmony and Invention.” The performances are layered so that they all end on the same note, thus because each performance has a different running time, they begin at different points. The resulting composition is rich in harmony and rhythmic complexity.