Trial of Harmony and Invention: Spring

Media Installation3 DVD players, 3 video projectors, 1 one-way mirror, 3 rear screens, 4-channel audio
New Langton Arts, San Francisco

Two rear-screen projections and a large one-way mirror form a 3-sided structure. A third smaller rear-screen projection shines dimly through the one-way mirror from behind, mingling with the viewers’ reflections. Streams of text from a Harper’s Bazaar editorial entitled “The Rules of the Season” race around the walls, images of women and men float by, white kites dance against a black sky, and a sketch of a girl’s face quickly takes form.

The score for Spring, like that of its companion work, The Trial of Harmony and Invention: Winter (2001), layers 24 different performances of Vivaldi’s Spring concerto all of which end on the same note, thus the longest performance begins first. Spring places the viewer at the intersection of vanity and transgression while exploring fashion’s uncanny allure.