The Life and Age of Woman

Media InstallationDVD player, video projector
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, 2002
Art Basel Miami, 2003
Oakland Museum, "CCA: 100 Years in the Making," 2007

The Life and Age of Woman is a video projection work originally created for the street window of the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Using the right-angled architecture of the front interior walls of the ICA, half of the image spills across the wall parallel to the line of projection and half falls full on the perpendicular wall to create a visual effect much like a cone of light in a smoky cinema.

The silhouettes come from a print published by Currier and Ives that represents a woman aging, from birth to death. Texts from the original drawing rush through each figure while the video projection fills these women's bodies with a variety of living and mechanical beings such as jelly fish, a compass, and carousel animals.