The Exquisite Corpse of Anonymous

CollaborationWorks on Papermixed media on paper
Not Alone, San Francisco Arts Commission Main Gallery in the War Memorial Veterans Building, San Francisco, Nov 2016 through Mar 2017
In collaboration with artists Laurie Wigham and Vanessa Marsh, a project for The Exquisite Corpse of the Unknown Veteran 

Description from the project website:
The Exquisite Corpse of the Unknown Veteran is a project organized by Jeanne Dunning and Aaron Hughes. The project began as part of the Surrealism & War exhibition which was curated by Aaron Hughes for the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago from May 26 through October 30, 2014. The second iteration of the project was part of Not Alone at the San Francisco Arts Commission Main Gallery in the War Memorial Veterans Building in San Francisco from November 9, 2016 through March 4, 2017; as we continue to organize the project in different cities and countries, more exquisite corpses will be added to the site.
Finley+Muse, describing the subject of the collaborative portrait:
Every adult Jeanne knew as a child had served during WWII. But almost no one spoke about it, least of all the anonymous veteran we are drawing here. Anonymous because he never drew attention to his service or his sacrifice, though both directed the trajectory of his life, and in turn, shaped the lives of those closest to him. Little had to be said about a leg blown to bits by a land mine, but those who knew him understood humility, patriotism, and selflessness.  â€”Jeanne C. Finley and John Muse
Each artist created a third of the portrait, and, in the spirit of an exquisite corpse, contributions were unknown to the other artists.   For more details on the process see the organizer's instructions.

Finley+Muse created the legs, Marsh the torso, and Wigham the head.