The Adventures of Blacky

VideoMedia InstallationDVD player, video projector, 2 slide projectors and synch unit, chair and pencil shavings, 2-channel audio
Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, 1998
Otso Gallery, Finland, 1999
Otis Gallery, Los Angeles, 2000
Pittsburg Filmmakers, 2003
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 2003

The Adventures of Blacky is an installation work based on a series of drawings of a family of dogs used as a psychoanalytic test in the 1950’s. In the middle of the room, caught between opposing projections of slides and evocative video, a wooden school chair sinks into a large pile of pencil shavings. While the video projection shows toy animals tumbling in a spinning barn, a woman poses a series of test questions such as, “Here Blacky is licking herself. What might Blacky be thinking about here?” The Adventures of Blacky situates the viewer between the menace of an exam and the visual associations of a test subject.

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