Momentary Sense

Media InstallationSite-Specific Media InstallationCommunity EngagementVideo Projection, Oil on Canvass, Hershey Kisses, Shell, Sculpting Sand, 5 Fresh Gardenias, Drawing Materials
San Francisco Jewish Community Center
A collaboration with Richard Olsen

Momentary Sense is a commissioned installation that explores the permeable border between life and death. Created in conjunction with palliative care physician, BJ Miller’s Ted Talk & JCC conversation, “Death as a Part of Life,” Finley was asked to create an artwork that engaged the five senses to conjure awareness of the present moment as the touchstone in the intertwining arcs of life and death. 

Download the project flyer.

The installation is comprised of two video projections and interactive triggers as well as performances by the Threshold Choir (an all-women’s a cappella choir that sings at bedside) of which Finley is a member. 

The rear-projected video diptych presents the creative and destructive power of natural forces. In one projection, a humming bird nest vibrantly trembles with the birth of two fledglings that ultimately learn to fly and leave the nest. In the other, a mesmerizingly restless sea pounds against a lighthouse while a small sailboat disappears into the horizon. 

Opposite the video, five individual vessels wordlessly invite interaction and sensory engagement. The vivid experiences of touch, taste, sound, sight and smell create an interactive arena with materials for participants to write or draw within the installation.

Throughout the duration of the installation, the Threshold Choir staged performances in the exhibition at random and unexpected moments.