Manhole 452: the Film

VideoTRT: 12.45. Sound Design: Jim McKee; Narration: Arthur Schmidt.
Union Docs, Frisco Grit: Baldwin Selects Other Cinema, 2018
San Francisco Cinematheque's Crossroads Film Festival, 2013
San Francisco Independent Film Festival, 2013
Patricia Sweetow Gallery, 2011
"A darkly lyrical hybrid of rumination and documentation, so slightly tinted with humor as to leave viewers wondering whether they perceive it or imagine it."  â€”Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle
Despite assurances from local municipalities, manholes occasionally blow sky-high, more than most people realize.  The fictionalized film is a first person narrative that follows the reflections of a middle-aged man whose car was hit by an exploding manhole; he now rides the Geary Limited bus the length of Geary Street to his job fitting prosthetic limbs.  The narrative explores his obsession with calculating odds and the possibility of miracles amid random violent occurrence.

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