Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, 2006
Dallas Video Festival, 2006
Headland Center for the Arts, 2007
Clockwork is a series of four short multi-channel video works, each shot in a location where physical touch between individuals is routine, yet highly charged: a dentist's office, a hair salon, a massage therapist's studio, and a teenage boys' slumber party.  For each piece, multiple cameras are used to record a half-second of video every thirty seconds over a 16-hour period.  The resulting works restructure the long arc of these intimate relations, revealing otherwise invisible habits of work and play.
  1. Drill  (2-channel)  Over the course of a long workday, a dentist shuttles back and forth between patients.  Bursts of classical music compete with the sounds of drilling, suction, and light banter.  Running Time:  5:13
  2. Shampoo   (2-channel)  Around a salon chair, two hair-washing sinks, and before a maze of mirrors, a stylist attends to her many clients.  Running Time:  5:00
  3. Massage (2-channel)  A masseuse works on her five clients.  Between massages she has a few meals, talks on the phone, stretches, and prepares for the next client; the time she spends on others frames the time she takes for herself.  Running Time:  5:03
  4. Birthday (4-channel)  At a slumber party seven boys stare into computers and game consoles, wrestle, play ping-pong, and eat birthday cake.  Running Time:  5:08


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