Rebooting Imaginative Feats, an extra-and-no-curricular, quasi-open-source project

Rebooting <em>Imaginative Feats</em>, an extra-and-no-curricular, quasi-open-source project

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We will make the three armatures that drive Imaginative Feats available to Haverford College students and others in the community.  What will they do with them?

Last week John sent out the following in an email to his past, present, and future students:

As some of you may know, Jeanne C. Finley and I now have an exhibition in the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery.

We would like to make the apparatuses that drive this exhibition available to anyone who creates media for them: you create the DVDs, we replace our DVDs with yours, we consider the consequences, we have a party.

The devices include:

1. a rotating platform with 2 channels of video and 2 channels of audio (what could you do with images that move around the room, our searchlights and aggressive beams?)

2. a flat-panel display with one channel of video and one channel of audio (what would you do with a 16:9 HD display that has to compete with and or complement the rotating platform?)

3. a double-sided screen with 2 channels of video and 2 channels of audio with parabolic speakers (what would you do with a surface with an image on either side, and speakers that isolate sound, putting it right into someone’s head?)

Make five DVDs, make one, make two; make anything you want, but make it fabulous, painful, impressive, and perfect for the device and its formal limits and/or advantages.

If there’s enough interest we could choose an evening to showcase all of the pieces created for these devices.

Feel free to discuss this with anyone you think might be interested; find allies, build teams, etc.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you’re interested: we could take an evening to look at the current show, go over the equipment, and toss around ideas.


John met with 7 students over the last few evenings and discussed the formal possibilities of the devices along with project ideas.  In two weeks we will look at a few of their clips and/or actions in the gallery, and in early December we will reboot the exhibition with their works.  And have a party.


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